Conceptual Art

these are the elements and qualities through which the mental and emotional side of domestic violence being explored in this body of work.


"It’s an inevitable phenomenon that occurs in any period in different ways, then it causes irreversible damages. Women have a lot of influence on and devotion to this process of sadness, but it is rarely mentioned. I obviously want to show their effective presentations in this area."



"The meaning of love has changed in the modern world, at first was attractive but got vague and unclear by the passage of time. Real love is like a flaring fire inside of humans which can be supportive in all aspects."


Domestic Violence

"Most of the time it’s cultural and educational problems, especially in the patriarchal countries, that cause physical and emotional abuse for women. Women try to achieve equality and peace in life. It’s one of the most important goals of mine to reveal."


Unknown touch, maternal touch . I explore the tragic loss of a child during pregnancy, attributing it to the violent conditions imposed by men and their disregard for hormonal changes and women's health. Symbolically, I incorporate ropes reminiscent of those used in slavery, reflecting the oppressive desire of men with patriarchal ideologies to subjugate women.

Unborn. The womb, a garden, where dreams took flight, In the quiet chambers where life once bloomed, A tale unfolds. The slice of a surgeon's knife closing a sacred space. ,Now echoes silence, in the still of the night. Surgical hands, a tender alchemy, Transforming pain into a new decree. Life's tapestry rewoven, threads rearranged, A metamorphosis, beautifully estranged. The whispers of loss, the echoes of gain, A resilient spirit, through joy and pain. In the void left by what once defined, Emerges strength, an unyielding mind. For every scar, a badge of fortitude, A testament to survival, undiluted. Hysterectomy, a rebirth untold, In healing's embrace. Resilience blooms in the scars that remain, A poetic journey, life's poignant refrain.

Modern World

"The industrial world is strange and brutal with fake news all around it."


Violence Against Women

"Women have the right to a peaceful life and equality without any duress of men and patriarchal societies."



"Stability and strength of life are related to the effective participation of women shoulder to shoulder with men or even more. If charity goes, well it will be so useful."



"We believe in strong ( great) power inside of us that is capable of solving everlasting problems in this dangerous modern world, we also have faith in the fact that we are able to bring peace to our live."


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